Eucalyptol nat.

Article name Eucalyptol nat. INCI Eucalyptol Cas No. 470-82-6 EINECS No. 207-431-5 Production method Re-concentrate Product group Intermediate Application COSMETICS + FOOD

Glycerine 86,5% Plantaardig

Article name Glycerin 86,5% Vegetable INCI Glycerin Cas No. 56-81-5 EINECS No. 200-289-5 Country of origin Germany Product group Fatty oil Production method By product of production of biodiesel Application FOOD


Article name ISOBORNYL ACETATE INCI Isobornyl Acetate Cas No. 125-12-2 EINECS No. 204-727-4 Country of origin China / India Product group Intermediate Production method Chemical Synthesis Application NON-FOOD