Fatty oil is obtained from seed or another plant-based source. Some types, such as olive oil, are naturally edible to humans while others, rape seed for example, have to be processed first, although not all vegetable oils are used for consumption. Some oils are solid at room temperature and are actually therefore a vegetable fat. A distinction is made between the pressed and the refined fatty oils.

The oils marked with * are macerates.

Almond oil
Aloe vera gel purum 1:1
Apricot kernel oil
Argan oil
Avocado oil
Black cumin seed oil
Borage oil
Caraway oil, black
Castor oil
Castor oil
Cocoa butter
Coconut oil
Cod liver oil
Corn oil
Evening primrose oil
Fish oil 18/12
Grapeseed oil
Groundnut oil
Hazelnut oil
Hemp oil
Jojoba oil
Laurel oil

Linseed oil
Macadamia nut oil
MCT oil
Mustard oil
Neem oil
Olive oil
Palm kernel oil
Peach kernel oil
Perilla oil
Poppy seed oil
Pumpkin seed oil
Rapeseed oil
Rice germ oil
Rosehip seed oil
Safflower oil
Sesame oil
Shea butter
Sheanut oil
Soya oil
Sunflower oil
Walnut oil
Wheat germ oil